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Become a member of SolidFund

Individuals can join and pay individually, but if your are a member of a worker co-op do consider joining as a group which helps save on administration costs meaning more of you money can go towards supporting worker co-ops.
If applying as an individual you do not need to fill in.
Membership starts at £1 per person per week. If you would like to contribute more than the minimum, please let us know how much you would like to contribute per week.
To reduce our admin costs we only accept payment via Direct Debit. You will receive a Direct Debit request via email from GoCardless on behalf of Industrial Common Ownership Finance Ltd (ICOF) who are holding the funds on our behalf. You can cancel this Direct Debit at any time (which will also void your membership).
They are each individual members, so ensure you have their consent to sign them up and share their details with us, no proxy voting is allowed.
At a minimum please list their names, to take full part in the fund we need their email addresses as well. They will be added to our mailing list and sent an email inviting them to take part in our Loomio discussion and decision making group.