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Finding the next generation of co-op advisers

Hire Ourselves
Solidfund members have agreed funding for up to £6,600 to find the next generation of worker co-op development advisers.

The worker co-op movement has a problem. We have an ageing and dwindling number of co-op development advisers, many due to retire in next few years. This will lead to a lack of capacity to support the growth of worker co-ops.

After discussing the issue and putting forward a proposal, members are supporting an initiative costing up to £6,600 to find new people from within existing worker co-ops to be advisers.

Starting with two workshops in Manchester and London we will investigate what they would need both financially and in training to have the confidence and motivation to become co-op development advisers. Equally what their worker co-ops would need financially to support them and allow them to be released to work with other worker co-ops.

If you have experience in running a worker co-op (or one particular element like finance, HR etc). Why not think about branching out and helping other worker co-ops?

Express your interest here. click here.