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Sending cooperators to Open:2018

Open 2018
Members agreed to budget up to £2,000 worth of bursary tickets and travel costs for low-income worker cooperators wanting to attend the Open:2018 two-day event.

The theme of Open:2018 is 'Collaborative Technology for the Cooperative Economy', and it's the second such event, bringing together thinkers and doers around platform coops and peer-to-peer technology. The format is a blend of formal presentations, workshops, discussions, open space sessions, networking and socialising. The dates are 26-27 July and the venue is Conway Hall in central London.

Olly Sylvester-Bradley has written a nice blog post about the bursaries, and how to apply, here. If you're a member of SolidFund, and feel you fit the bill in terms of wanting to go but needing financial support, by all means nominate yourself in our Loomio forum. If you're not signed up there, just email

Members can also nominate other people who are not SolidFund subscribers, on the understanding that they'll then sign up to help others in the future.