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SolidFund backs Co-op Camp

drawing in black and white showing fish swimming
SolidFund members voted to underwrite the costs of running this year's Co-op Camp at the Green Gathering Festival.

In the Co-ops’ Camp you’ll find a community of people involved with housing, energy, workers’, land and other co-operatives, plus:

skillshares – why and how to set up a co-op; examples from around the world; organising co-operatively for radical social change; & plenty more

a large exhibition with chill-out space & reading area

drop-in and one-to-one chats with Co-ops Camp crew

3 co-operator networking events on 3 consecutive evenings: ‘coffee & cake’; ‘cocktails & canapés’; ‘cocoa & cookies’

sessions at the next door Speakers’ Forum: a panel discussion on housing; and an introduction to The Sailboat Project

Contributors to The Green Gathering Co-ops Camp 2016 will include the organisers, Radical RoutesSail Boat Project;  Veggies Catering CampaignValley Organics; Cornerstone, Dryad, Out Of Town and Rose Howey housing co-ops and others.

SolidFund has committed to assure up to £1,500 of income shortfall on the event.