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Supporting Altgen

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Solidfund members discussed and agreed to make a contribution of just under £6,000 to Altgen, in support of its work to develop new programmes of support and education for young people wanting to be involved in worker cooperatives.

The main work is the Freelancers Coop development programme. Specifically, there will be an online campaign to raise awareness among young people and recruit 40 freelancers for the programme, and work to adapt innovative and creative learning methods to make the programme and learning materials relevant and inspiring.

Altgen is aiming at the following outcomes:

INSPIRE young precarious people in the creative industries with the potential of setting up their co-operative enterprise as an alternative and empowering career path.

FACILITATE the coming together and collaboration of recent graduates, postgraduates, freelancers and precarious young workers in the creative industries who need the co-operative model to overcome their precarity, through a collective-building event and skill-dating workshop to match freelancers in coherent groups to form coops.

EMPOWER a new stream of young co-operators with the basic skills and knowledge they would need to set up their own co-operative, through the design and delivery of three initial workshops.

You can read Altgen's proposal paper at:

Solidfund members who have joined our discuss-and-decide forum on Loomio can read the discussion and decision thread at:

See the Altgen video at: