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Questions and lightbulb moments

The coolest teachers worker co-op in the world

Members debated and approved a £5,000 distribution to MyCool Class, to help with the growing pains of recruiting new teachers and students to the world's first international platform learning workers' co-op.
Selgars Mill

Creating a new co-op learning and events space

Members voted £7,000 towards startup costs for Selgars Mill in Devon - the first residential events and organising space for co-ops in the UK since the Co-operative College sold Stanford Hall more than twenty years ago.
Cooperation Jackson logo

Solidfund is international

Solidfund members supported and helped organise Cooperation Jackson's UK speaking tour in the spring, and voted money towards startup costs for a new All-Ireland solidarity economy network.
Sail Cargo Image

2018 autumn update

Members voted to support Sailboat Projectand its new venture, Sail Cargo South East (SCSE), with £1,000 towards the cost of developing a strategic brand identity.
Kitchen Graphic

Laundry coop in Liverpool

North Liverpool residents are opening a new launderette in the Everton-Anfield area. It's a worker-community coop, so its members will be both employees and service users.
Open 2018

Sending cooperators to Open:2018

Members agreed to budget up to £2,000 worth of bursary tickets and travel costs for low-income worker cooperators wanting to attend the Open:2018 two-day event.
Group Photo

Backing CoTech's 2017 retreat

By a unanimous vote on Loomio, SolidFund members approved a grant to support this year's successful CoTech retreat.
Food Store Front

First buyout support by Solidfund

Fund members voted to pledge £1,000 to a coop buyout crowdfunding by the employees of Natural Food Store in Diss, Norfolk, UK.