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Building the cooperative internet

Platform Coops

SolidFund supported Jonas Algers to attend the 2017 Platform Cooperativism conference in New York.
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Supporting Altgen

Solidfund members discussed and agreed to make a contribution of just under £6,000 to Altgen, in support of its work to develop new programmes of support and education for young people wanting to be involved in worker cooperatives.
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Soup is cooking

November will see the first of a new type of event for the co-operative movement, based on the success of Community SOUP events in the United States.
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SolidFund backs Co-op Camp

SolidFund members voted to underwrite the costs of running this year's Co-op Camp at the Green Gathering Festival.
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Worker Co-op Archive

SolidFund members discussed and voted in favour of a proposal to donate £500 to a fledgling project aimed at preserving records from the wave of British worker co-operatives and co-operative development in the 1970s-1990s.
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Worker Coop Weekend 2016 is on!

SolidFund was born out of an idea we had at the first Worker Coop Weekend, in 2014. One reason for setting up the Fund was to guarantee we could hold worker coop gatherings every year. So check out Worker Coop Weekend 2016, 6-8 May. This year it's in Staffordshire.
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'What do we really know?

Co-operatives UK has just published new research on worker co-ops, by Virginie Pérotin of Leeds University. Titled 'What do we really know about worker co-operatives?', Pérotin's paper refutes one or two widely shared assumptions.
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Working together for a cooperative future

CICOPA, the world federation of worker coops, has released a video reflecting the inspiration and experiences of young worker and social cooperators from 9 countries.
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Fund supports cleaners coops

With support from the Fund, three members of Belfast Cleaning Coop visited Custom House Workers' Coop in east London in June 2015, to show support and learn from each other.
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SolidFund one year on

We've just published a short report on the Fund's first year, which sums up how and why we started, and what's happened in the 15 months since Member 001 signed up.
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Website Hackathon

Fifteen brave souls congregated last Wednesday in a theatre rehearsal room in Hackney with plenty of flipcharts, marker pens and laptops, to build the SolidFund website.